Consulting in Land-based aquaculture in RAS

No one in the industry has the same experience in RAS design and implementation as RASLogic.

Our only focus is your success.

Feasibilty Study

A Feasibilty Study is the basis for any Aquaculture project. It can tell if your project is going to be a viable business proposition.

Technology assessments

We can help you in a tender process to ensure you get the best concept and best deal.

Environmental Impact Assessments, EIA’s

We can help you with mandatory permissions and licenses in connection with aquaculture operations

RAS retrofitting within existing RAS

We have extensive experience in RAS design and construction, being involved with 50 projects covering all the mainstream RAS concepts on the market.

Production enhancements

With a new project, we can help you at start-up with staff training.
We can help you with troubleshooting at existing RAS units.


Choose the right “sparring partner”

It is a big challenge to choose a RAS concept and RAS supplier.

There are many pitfalls and hence potential failures if you choose the wrong supplier.

We have un-rivalled knowledge of the different RAS processes as well as practical experience with literally all the RAS concepts on the market.


We are un-biased with no industry interests.

If you want to be successful, contact RASLogic – it makes sense.

It makes sense – for RASLogic to be your partner

Land-based aquaculture in RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) is one of the World’s fastest growing industries, especially within the salmon sector.

There are many different RAS concepts and RAS suppliers all wanting their share in this new, and admittingly, exciting industry.

However, most systems built to date do not meet production targets. 

In fact, we are going to see some major disasters in the next couple of years. Investors put great trust in spread sheets and are not aware of the technical pitfalls in RAS developments. Out of maybe 12-15 major RAS suppliers worldwide, only a handful have a sound concept, a concept that will stand the test.

This is where RASlogic can assist you in making the right choice.

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We don’t leave a stone un-turned… 

Very few, if any, has the experience of founder Ivar Warrer-Hansen in RAS design and technology

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